Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Watermark problems

I was going to do such a lot today, my daughter has sold me her camera as she has just bought a fantastic new one, I have photographed a few cards and some new stock for my gifts website

     Well I downloaded the pictures to my computer then tried to find a free program to put a watermark on my cards,  I,ve now tried two programs and just can't get the hang of it, I also have a problem that I have been trying to sort out for weeks,

  When I try to open a document it tries to open with Internet Explorer and I have Google chrome as my prefferd site the screen just keeps flashing and I have to close the computer down  to get out of it,  I have looked at everything and cannot sort it out.

    So I give up,    any way here are the recent cards that I have made this week, using decoupage sheets that I have had for awhile, I really must use what I already have before buying anything else, also I  am wondering whether to buy a new die cutting machine  I have the original cuttlebug which is great but would love a bigger machine.
   Here are my non watermarked cards




  1. Your cards are great :) have you tried Photofiltre? It's a great free program.

  2. Hi sue! Oh wow! these are simply gorgeous! Sorry to hear your having such a frustrating time with the computer. I have Paint Shop Pro and I know they have a free trial version if you haven't tried that already. What I do is, I open the watermark in PSP then, I save it as a "tube". You then click on the tube and it applies the watermark anywhere on the card you would like. Hope that helps and feel free to email me if you have any further questions okay? :)

  3. the cards are beautiful Sue keep up the good work.great inspiration for sure.