Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well today ive decided to have a me day, After taking son to work at 7.30. a.m. then daughter to school at 8.30, other daughter out and husband at work im in the house alone apart from the two dogs one who is insisting on sitting on my knee whilst i am on the computer, thankfully its the jack russell and not the staffy.
     Well ive paid the bills, cleaned the kitchen put some washing in the machine and put the kettle on, so the rest of the day is mine.
      I have just bought the new addition of the docrafts creativity magazine .   One card sent me straight to my craft table ,Its a card on the gallery page and was made by Christine . So i got my Daisy and Dandelion cd rom out and printed off Hawthorn the hedgehog and a backing sheet  a butterfly and some little blue birds from the accessories and had a go.

Also thanks to Abby for doing my banner and matching my blog page to my website page.

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