Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tidying daughters bedrooms

Well today i decided to help clear out youngest daughters bedroom, she has moved into her sisters room and im hopefully having a craft room.  within 10 minutes i found out what date her school was closing for xmas 2010, a copy of an important information form that should have been returned to school and  the order form for her school photo from last year.
     Having a bit of a break b4 delving into her room again.  so i thought i would put another of my cards on the blog. 
      I made an octagonal card using the Eazi Box embossing board , i then embossed some music vellum a size smaller than the card and stuck this onto the card.I recycled a cd and stuck that onto the vellum using silicon glue.  The decoupage is a paper (jolly) nation boy playing a guitar.  I like to use silicone to layer the decoupage as it gives a lot better finish and you can  play around till you get each layer to where you want it to be .  I finished if off with a happy birthday banner and a few music notes peel offs.  Top tip  when you have cut out the pieces of decoupage go around the edges with a black  pen.

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