Monday, 7 March 2011

70th Birthday cards

Well ive just spent a happy morning making 2 cards, one is an order and the other is for my self both for the same lady who will be 70 on Saturday.
   The first card is a Bookatrix card, i used mirror card for the 1st and 3rd layer, and a white glitter card for the 2nd and 4th layer, making sure i use silicone glue to attach the card which was being put on the glitter card.  I did a Fizzy Moon decoupage for the left side  and found a lovely verse   for the other side.
    I attached a glittery ribbon down the mirror and put a big bow at the top.
     I made a white box to put it in with a matching bow.

The second card i used a topper  printed off from Joanne Sheen Baby love cd rom . I put a bow around the backing sheet before sticking it to the card and tied a bow on the side.  I printed  Happy 70th Birthday onto shiny card and cut it out with a circle punch and put a flower at the bottom of the verse

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