Monday, 13 June 2011

Does bad luck come in threes

I had got today all planned out. it is my sons 20th birthday so firstly I was going to bake a chocolate cake got everything weighed out then fetched my hand mixer no whisks,  I looked everywhere then remembered I had took the mixer to my daughters to finish her cake when it was her birthday so they must be at their  house.
   So I thought I had anniversary money from Saturday and was planning on buying  a cheap mixer with bowl ,so I went to computer to look at curry's website, computer  not working, fortunatly not only computer in house so I used the one in my craft room.  Chose the one I wanted Well not the one I wanted that was over £300.00 I Had £45.00 to spend gave details to son and he will fetch it after he finishes work (Hoping its in stock)
     It then occured to me that I wanted to use the downstairs computer because I needed the printer it was attached to to take the picture off my cameras  memory card.  The printer in my craft room doesn't have a memory card slot .  I had experimented last week on my blog to see what looked better a scanned card or a photographed card and the photographed cards did look better.  

         So here is the card I made for my hubby on our anniversary   Scanned

Because I cant now make the cake till later I better start on the ironing Hoping this isn't the third thing to go wrong today as I do Know the iron is on its way out as its been smelling of burning recently

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