Monday, 28 March 2011


Well at last i have moved into the spare room,  A Fire door as a table  perfect.  Or so i thought  spent days moving everything from the conservatory

to upstairs which is a feat in itself as i suffer with my knees,  and today i started my first card a confirmation card for my niece, everything was going well found the perfect verse and pressed print,  nothing tried again nothing happened.  The computer wont pick up the printer on Bonjour.  Asked hubby for help and his solution was to put the computer back into the conservatory.  I dont think so.



  1. Be still, my heart!!! Oh, to have my own craft room again!!! It would be Heaven. My supplies are spread everywhere, in totes, here and there! It drives me crazy and I am hoping to get them more organized this spring. I LOVE handmade cards and hope to get back into making them again. Thanks for following my 'Angels' blog. I am your newest follower!

  2. Thanks for your comment and follow, it's took ages to get this , I've had to wait for one of the kids to leave home, I'm going to take her front door key off her cus I'm not giving up the room if she wants to come back at any time