Friday, 3 December 2010

Xmas is coming (can we postpone till January)

Well its December 3rd.
Ive made about 6 xmas cards for myself so far, was going to start in July,  Think i might have to do the unthinkable and send out bought cards as ive been ill with pleurisy  and cant see myself getting my cards made.  Its not so bad as each year i get a package from an organisation called the MFPA  with xmas cards with paintings on them that are done by artists without hands  the cards are fantastic so i will be using them.
  Im now going to make my xmas cake i know its a bit late but i will give it a good soak in Brandy when its made.  I used many recipes over the years but have settled on the recipe in the BeRo book  and then add a jar of marmalde


  1. Pleurisy not good! Have had it:(.Either you will have to delete your Xmas card list or like you say. the unthinkable!Must say it's lovely to receive a hand crafted with love card though.Keep going, you might have enough for 2011 :)

  2. I was going to start my Christmas cards early... and I haven't made any for myself yet! All the ones I've taken my time on have been samples for Joanna Sheen and I've also made some 'cute' ones for the Childrens school Christmas fair. But that was meant to be today and it's been postponed to 11th. I doubt if folks will be buying many Christmas cards then!
    Take care
    Sandra x
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog xx

  3. I think that you must do the unthinkable.Charity cards are always a good idea.Next year will be different, hoping that you have a healthy 2011!
    (via Create)