Thursday, 12 April 2012

I don't just do cards

Last week I had an urge to make a candle, so looked at all the candle suppliers, read what to do, ordered the things I needed and here is my first ever teacup candle  it was so easy and couldn't wait to light it, which I did the next day.  It burnt for 7 hours and it is only a small cup.  The only thing I did wrong was not enough oil as I could hardly smell it.
      I haven't got any cards to show as I have been busy making samples for a new cd rom ,  so excited about that.
    Third week of my diet I lost another 3lb (Total 10lb) not bad as I went out for dinner in the week on my daughters birthday and just had to have some birthday cake.
   I had one easter egg and that was from my mum  and it is sitting on the sideboard it is going to give me more pleasure than eating it, my son who is nearly 21 loves chocolate and ever since he was young he ate all of his eggs (over 10)   then ate all of his sisters because she doesn't like chocolate, then he would eat the remainder of his younger sister's when she gets fed up of hers.  So why am I going to enjoy mine without eating it? I can here you asking,  well it is going to stay sitting there and it will drive Tom made  he will keep asking if he can have it and I will be saying no.    ha ha ha


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  1. What a fab idea for a candle... I love it. Thanks for joining us over on the Sarah Hurley Blog Hop...Good Luck :D
    C xx