Thursday, 22 March 2012

Week One, Day One

At last got my courage together and took myself to a Weightwatchers Meeting, I'm a lapsed lifetime member, and can't remember how many times I have rejoined, but this time I am staying till I am happy with my weight, not the weight I was in my twenties but a weight so I can wear some nice clothes again.  I checked on the website to see where the meetings were and picked one that had a leader I hadn't seen before.
   So Week one Day one porridge for breakfast then a trip to Morrisons for some weightwatchers meals, to make it easier because I still have a daughter and a son and a husband to feed and they are all fussy eaters, so they can keep having the same meals and I will have my dinner at lunch time.
   Now I have told the world (well whoever follows my blog) I will have to keep it up.  The eating is easy but No wine in the evening, I think I better get the daylight bulb for my craft room so I can keep crafting in the evening to keep my mind off having a glass.
     I have had a few family birthday cards to do this week, so havn't made a card just to make for fun so this afternoon that's what I will be doing although I have some sample cards to make for someone who is designing a new cd rom  ,   so excited.

      So not a card picture but one of myself  this is me now,  I am going to put on a new picture of me every month so I can see any difference and will make me keep to the diet (sorry not a diet, but healthy eating)
  Looking at this may treat myself to a new hairdo!!!!!!
  Sorry about this post but it just had to be done
  May have a card later today


  1. Well done for taking the plunge.
    My weakness is sweets on my desk in the office.
    I can't wait to follow how you are getting on :0)
    Love Clairebears x

  2. Good luck sweetie...and have lots of fun in your craft room :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  3. wishing you the best of luck :)