Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Send a friend a cup of tea

I've been busy this week, I have an order for some party invites which I am doing as a gift, also I have made up some little cards with a tea bag in them, the idea is that you send them to a friend or relative who you don't see very often and ask them to have a cup of tea and think of you and that you are thinking of them.
 I have already sold two although one was to my mum and the other to a friend,  I have one on ebay and later today I will be putting them on my website.

    I am having a busy day as I have a lot of photos to take and put on my gift website,  and half the day has already gone and not much has been done.   I have for the last hour been looking for my charger for the battery in my camera. I obviously have put it somewhere safe although I think someone comes in at night and hides things.



  1. Such a fabulous idea Sue..!

    big hugs Vicky xx

  2. What a fab idea Sue, these are lovely. Hope you find your charger soon. Lee xx