Thursday, 7 July 2011

Does anyone know why

Todays card I have made using a Sugar Nellie stamp -  Gorjuss - Sitting,
  I have had this stamp on my own website for months  along with a few others and they never sold , so I decided because I had started stamping again I would have them myself, I had two of each so I had one of each and kept one of each on the website.   Then would you believe it  since then nearly every day the Gorjuss Girl Sitting was being looked  for I quickly sold the one I had and still now people are looking for this stamp,  What I want to know is why, I know its a nice stamp  but why is everyone looking for that one, no one is interested in the others I have  just that one stamp??????????????????????????????????????????????
   If anyone knows please let me know .

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  1. mmmm not sure, but she is ever so pretty & sweet.xx