Saturday, 18 June 2011

Experimenting with photos

This afternoon I have been playing with my photos, usually I put my memory card from camera into the printer which is downstairs and attached to the Apple Mac computer which then downloads to Iphoto where I can crop and enhance the photos. Simples
   Now to most of you out there this must sound basic and straightforward but to me I am learning as I go along as the saying used to be you cant teach an old dog new tricks, but i'm doing my best.
  Any way I'm trying to get it that I don't need to keep going downstairs from my craft room to the dining room to do my photo's.  I've got my computer upstairs and now have a new cheap printer which doesn't have a slot for my memory card. A friend told me about a cardreader  so asked hubby about it and surprise surprise he has one, well he did it's mine now, so coming to the point of this blog, I've took a photo of my latest card, photographed it, put the memory card in the cardreader saved the photo and then openend  photoshop pressed all the buttons till I found what I wanted AND THESE TWO PHOTOS ARE THE RESULT.  One I took with a green background and the other is with a white background  I want to see which is best.

  Any feedback welcome


  1. Well I love the white background Sue..! the green is lovely but it takes the focal point away from the image hun...which is gorgeous blw..:o)

    hope that is useful sweetie...

    have a lovely evening..hugs Vicky xx

  2. Yeah I agree with Vicky the green take you away from the card which is beautiful
    Jacki xx

  3. I love the bottom picture best, your card is gorgeous and the green hurts your eyes a little, I use a white background and always put some mirror board underneath it to reflect the light back up...hugs pops x